SVANODIP® FMDV-Ag is a lateral flow device detecting all seven serotypes of the FMDV. The test captures antigen in fluids from unruptured vesicles/aphthae and vesicular epithelium from ruptured lesions. The easiness of the test procedure and fast availability of an accurate result after 10 min shall enable fast and informed decision making.


Immediate and early detection of Foot-and-Mouth-Disease-Virus (FMDV) in livestock

Product Information

Species Cloven-hoofed animals
Samples  Fluid from vesicles/aphthea. Mucosal tissue from ruptured lesions a
Type Lateral flow device based on 1F10 monoclonal antibody
Article number Samples* Plates Format
SV-104737 20 20 Lateral flow devices

aneeds the SVANODIP® FMDV Ag Extraction kit for tissue preparation
*Samples: Max. number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls excluded