bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA

1st of August 2014

bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA returns control to vets and producers on Ileitis

Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova now markets and distributes the bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA. This field proven assay is a tool for determining epidemiological status on farm level and scheduling control measures for Ileitis, a widespread and costly disease in swine industry worldwide.

Severe loss of productivity

Ileitis, the disease caused by Lawsonia (L.) intracellularis, is a wide spread enteric disease. “Having a good protection against Ileitis with vaccination, all production parameters normally affected when L. intracellularis causes problems are improved. Mortality, antimicrobial use and feed conversion ratio are particularly important for the return on investment” says Alain Ricard, DVM in Canada supervising 25,000 sows.

The goal is to schedule control measures properly

Preventative methods should be scheduled prior to the anticipated onset of relevant infection with L. intracellularis. Serology is an effective tool for detecting exposure to L. intracellularis therefore overcoming the limitations of detecting the bacteria in fecal samples. Preventing or reducing incidence and severity of clinical disease as well performance improvements are major goals in controlling Ileitis.

This field proven assay is successfully used for routine determination of seroprevalence and epidemiological status on farm level. “The bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA is a cost effective assay for seroprofiling of farms according to their exposure to L. intracellularis, thus enabling proper scheduling of control measures” states Anne Mörner, Head of Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova.

The test results of bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA provided by the veterinary labs guide the implementation of control measures on the farms and by this return control to the vets and producers for managing Ileitis.