New brochure about sero-monitoring of parasitic diseases

August 2015

New standards in the management of parasite infections

Svanova has a broad panel of important parasitic diseases such as a.o. ostertagiosis, fasciolosis and neosporosis helping farmers and veterinarians to gain further insights into parasitic exposure and the parasite’s impact on production results.

The possibility of bulk milk screening with SVANOVIR® assays is a rapid and inexpensive method for the diagnosis of parasite exposure in dairy herds. This comprehensive panel will ultimately ensure better control and more effective management of important parasites on cattle farming.

Higher diagnostic sensitivity compared to conventional methods

The ELISA assay is a superior immunodiagnostic tool that enables detection of antibodies to the pathogen both during and post exposure in comparison with conventional methods where the presence of the pathogen is required in the sample.

Rapid and inexpensive method for monitoring

The ELISA provides an objective, fast, high performing and cost effective measurement of antibodies and furthermore it is suitable for both large and small scale testing. It is also possible to run tests from several different sample materials such as serum, plasma, milk and meat juice.

Thus the ELISA assay is an exceptional and essential diagnostic method for the management of parasite exposure.


Get more insight to the modern way of parasitic monitoring

Brochure for SVANOVIR® assays for parasitic and tick-borne disease monitoring