SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis/ Ileitis-Ab will continue the success story of bioScreen Ileitis ELISA

Uppsala, June 2016

Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova has been distributing the bioScreen Ileitis Ab since 2014 and has now started to manufacture the assay at the facility in Sweden. The SVANOVIR® L.intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab is the compliant successor of the bioScreen Ileitis Ab ELISA and shall carry forward the great advances achieved in disease epidemiology and control of Lawsonia intracellularis.

Continuation of established procedures

Svanova now launches the first batch of the SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis/ Ileitis-Ab. The materials, protocols and result interpretations remain the same, however, the adaption to Svanova standards led to improvements of assay performance (Goeser and Lindh, 2016). This will simplify result interpretation and avoid costly retesting. “The consistency of the result interpretation is of great benefit to all labs that have established the ELISA” states Christoph Keller, Head of Diagnostic Lab in Germany.

The SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis/ Ileitis-Ab is unique and effective for sero-monitoring

The SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab is the only ELISA on the market to determine exposure to Lawsonia intracellularis in pigs. According to Prof. Alison Collins, Animal Health researcher, the “ELISA test formats have the greatest ease of use and high throughput required for herd screening”. Veterinarians and producers all around the world get control over Ileitis when using SVANOVIR® L .intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab for identifying risk factors and evaluating the efficacy and optimal timing for Ileitis control measures including vaccination, medication and improved hygiene.

Svanova offers the most complete panel of enteric disease sero-surveillance

With the addition of SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab Svanova has amended the panel of enteric disease sero-surveillance:



VETSIGN™ Salmonella-Ab