Dairy herd testing in focus of Svanova at WAVLD 2017

Sorrento, June 2017

Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova is co-sponsoring the 18th WAVLD conference (World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians), June 7th - 10th, 2017 in Sorrento, Italy. This will be good opportunity to meet and discuss topics of interest.

Meet us at booth No 22.

On behalf of Svanova, following colleagues will be present

- Dr. Claudia Lindh, DVM - Marketing & Technical manager, Business Area Manager Europe
- Afsaneh Jalali - Customer Service Manager, Business Area Manager AAA
- Dr. Mikael Juremalm - Head of Research & Development

Meet and discuss with a ruminant health expert for parasitic disease diagnostic and management

Menno Holzhauer, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECHBM, from GD Animal Health Deventer, will be at our booth on Thursday 8th of June between 3 and 5 pm

Menno has 15 years of experience in bovine parasitological herd health investigations and management and will share knowledge about diagnostics (ELISA and direct methods) for Ostertagia, Dictyocaulus and Fasciola monitoring programs and outbreak investigations in dairy herds.

Learn from him how to set up bulk milk monitoring scheme for optimizing/minimizing the usage of anthelmintics, supporting producers to avoid loss/return milk yield and to reduce the risk of anthelmintic resistance.

Further Menno will share his knowledge about how labs can assist veterinarians in sampling investigation of Lungworm outbreaks and how labs can guide veterinarians and farmers in parasite management questions


Further we want to highlight

Svanova's complete panel for FMDV surveillance

- SVANOVIR® FMDV 3ABC-Ab ruminant: an indirect ELISA based on the non-structural 3ABC protein, validated in cattle and small ruminants
- SVANODIP® FMDV-Ag: a lateral flow device detecting all seven serotypes of the FMDV
- SVANODIP® FMDV-Ag Extraction: extraction kit for isolating FMD virus

Svanova's unique panel for monitoring of Brucella spp

- SVANOVIR® Brucella-Ab I-ELISA: an indirect ELISA based on the non-structural 3ABC protein, validated in cattle and small ruminants
- SVANOVIR® Brucella-Ab C-ELISA: a multispecies assay in competitive ELISA format

Svanova's numerous assays for bulk milk surveillance

We are looking forward to meeting you. If you have further questions or want to book an appointment, please contact claudia.lindh@boehringer-ingelheim.com