SVANOVIR®CSFV-Ab                   The well-balanced assay from Svanova

30th June 2014

New porcine test complements the panel for monitoring highly infectious diseases

The Swedish veterinary diagnostic company, Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova now presents a new ELISA test kit. The kit detects antibodies to Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFV) and is a valuable tool for monitoring exposure to this important virus.

Classical Swine Fever (CSF) is regarded as one of the most important diseases threatening industrialized pig production. CSFV occurs in many regions worldwide, some countries have eradicated the disease, yet it keeps recurring sporadically.

Endemic CSFV infections in feral pigs are an important threat to domestic pigs and are a major source for the reintroduction of CSFV. Veterinary laboratories will have now with SVANOVIR®CSFV-Ab a reliable tool for monitoring infection in domestic and feral pigs.

Well demonstrated performance
The high performance of SVANOVIR®CSFV-Ab has been demonstrated on an OIE compliant serum panel from the Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) Hannover. Here SVANOVIR® CSFV-Ab detected antibodies to high, medium and low virulent strains, in sera of convalescent pigs and during early phase of infection. Cross-reactivity to non-CSF/ruminant Pestivirus (BVDV/BDV) that can occasionally be detected in pigs was very low, thus the assay fulfils the requirements set by OIE. Additionally, quality control data demonstrate a high robustness of the assay which is essential for delivering accurate results to producers, veterinarians and governmental bodies.

One of several test kits
This well balanced assay will be a reliable tool, on a representative sample size, to demonstrate population freedom from infection, in trading situations and surveillance programmes. In areas controlling CSFV by vaccination, the assay enables the detection of antibodies generated by vaccination.

Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova offers further assays for controlling other highly infectious diseases of pigs i.e. for Aujeszky disease (SVANOVIR® PRV gE-Ab, SVANOVIR® PRV gB-Ab), African Swine Fever Virus (SVANOVIR® ASFV-Ab) and Coronavirus infections (SVANOVIR® TGEV/PRCV-Ab).