SVANOVIR® A. suum-Ab is an indirect ELISA based on the haemoglobin of Ascaris suum thereby enabling the detection of antibodies to both the larval and adult stages of the parasite. Ascaris suum is currently the only helminth that is still highly prevalent in intensive pig production systems, resulting in significant economic losses. The infection is subclinical and therefore Ascariasis often remains undiagnosed. In comparison to the classical diagnostic tests (faecal egg counts and liver white spots) the assay has an unprecedented high specificity and sensitivity demonstrated for both artificially infected pigs and under field conditions.

SVANOVIR® A. suum-Ab

An effective screening tool for determining the infection level of Ascaris suum in pig herds

Product Information

Species Porcine
Samples Serum
Type Indirect ELISA
Article number Samples* Plates Format
115842 184 2 Strips

*Samples: Max number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls excluded

The SVANOVIR® A. suum-Ab has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Virology, Parasitology and Immunology at Ghent University.