Quality Policy

At INDICAL Sweden AB we work to improve animal welfare and food hygiene globally by developing, producing and selling high-quality veterinary diagnostic solutions.
We ensure that the quality of our processes, products and services is continuously optimized and improved to meet the needs of our customers.


In all customer contact we want to be seen as:

- knowledgeable about our products and their use
- accessible and receptive to needs and concerns
- providing service and support in a timely fashion
- a reliable partner delivering solutions of high-quality


This is achieved by:

- we live our vision and mission - all employees are responsible for evaluating and improving our processes 
- decisions are based on our customer’s needs and market requirements
- we provide quality assured products with full traceability
- we establish and nurture a strong network of collaborators in our field

All products are manufactured under our strict quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015