The SVANOVIR® L.intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab is the compliant successor (materials used, protocol and result interpretation) of the field proven bioScreen Ileitis Antibody ELISA. This assay shall carry forward the great advances achieved in disease epidemiology and control of Lawsonia intracellularis.

SVANOVIR® L.intracellularis/Ileitis-Ab


Diagnostics for the efficient use of control measures

Product Information

Species Porcine
Samples Serum / plasma
Type Blocking ELISA based based on whole cell L.intracellularis antigen
Format Tests Samples
SVANOVIR® L. intracellularis / Ileitis-Ab SV-122275 2 plates 192 184

Tests: Number of tests.
Samples: Number of samples, wells for kit controls excluded.