VETSIGN™ Salmonella-Ab ELISA is based on an antigen mix to Salmonella O-antigens, giving you the advantage of detecting a variety of relevant serotypes. A benefit in control programmes is the possibility of testing meat juice and serum/plasma samples in the same assay and enabling the detection and control of Salmonella at farm level and at slaughter houses.

VETSIGN™ Salmonella-Ab

Controlling Salmonella at essential stages of the pork production chain

Product Information

Species Porcine
Samples Meat juice, serum and plasma
Type Indirect ELISA based on mixed antigens of
S. Choleraesuis (O antigens 6 and 7),
and S.Typhimurium (O antigens 1,4, 5, and 12)
Article number Samples* Plates Format
SV-104912 184 2 Strips
SV-104913 920 10 Plates

*Samples: Max. number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls excluded