Our Story

On the 22nd of June 2011 Svanova became part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health organisation.

This organisational change represents an exciting, new chapter in the 30 year old history of Svanova and the company’s diagnostic combat against infectious diseases in production animals.

A pioneer

Svanova arose out of activities in the Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA) where veterinary diagnostic solutions for eradication programs and disease monitoring were pioneered – test kits to detect antibodies against virus, bacteria, parasites and mycoplasmas in various animal species, but with the main focus on Bovine and Porcine.

In the beginning the kits were predominantly used in Sweden, but the demand for quality diagnostic solutions grew beyond the borders of Sweden and Scandinavia and gradually expanded globally.

Svanova Biotech AB is formed

The business developed rapidly and in 2001 it was decided to move the activities into a separate business outside the Veterinary Institute. The company Svanova Biotech AB was formed.

Svanova Biotech AB retained the tradition of developing new diagnostic solutions based on thorough knowledge in the field of infectious diseases in production animals. Also a large global network in the veterinary research community, a customer focused approach and not ever compromising quality of the products and services to the market, characterize the company.

Global player

The SVANOVIR® products from Svanova have since 2003 been developed, manufactured and supplied to the market according to the ISO 9001:2015  quality management system.

Today the portfolio comprises over 30 different ELISAs and two Penside tests and is supplied to more than 70 countries worldwide.