Direct order procedures

Order contact details

Request a free quote or order Svanova products online:


Fax: +49 341 124 54 60
Phone: +49 341 124 54 26


In your order, please

1. Refer to possible quotations, when placing order
2. State your order number
3. Supply your customer identification such as

- Billing and shipping address
- Contact person
- Phone, fax and e-mail
- Product number and quantity
- Tax ID VAT (only for countries in the European community)

4. Inform us about any neccessary permit or other documents required for receiving products or customs clearance

5. It is the recipient’s obligation to check that all the information on the order confirmation complies with the order and is correct. If amendments are needed INDICAL must be contacted and remarks must be submitted within 1 day after receiving the order confirmation for European customers and within 3 days for customers from outside Europe, after which time the order is binding. The right of withdrawal is not applicable for Svanova products. Complaints should be submitted as soon as possible and will be handled in a timely and diligent way by customer service to assure maximum customer satisfaction.

Payment of duties and taxes is the responsibility of the recipient, unless otherwise agreed.

Thank you for you cooperation.