SVANOVIR®Brucella-Ab C-ELISA is a multispecies assay ideal for use in situations of low and high prevalence of brucellosis, and for confirming results from herd screening tests. The assay is able to differentiate between vaccination antibodies (S19) and those that result from Brucella infection. This is a great benefit to control programmes.


The best way to detect brucellosis in livestock herds

Product Information

Species Bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine
Samples Serum and plasma
Type Competitive ELISA based on s-LPS antigen,
detects B. abortus, B. melitiensis and B. suis
Article number Samples* Plates Format
SV-104893 176 2 Stripes
SV-104894 880 10 Plates

*Samples: Max. number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls excluded