SVANOVIR® BVDV p80-Ab is a blocking ELISA based on the non-structural protein p80, which enables the detection of bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV) and border disease virus (BDV) in cattle and small ruminants, respectively. The assay has shown high accuracy in evaluation studies and proficiency tests.


The blocking ELISA for controlling Pestivirus in ruminant populations

Product Information

Species Bovine, ovine and caprine
Samples Serum and plasma, individual and pools of ≤ 10
Milk (in bovine only), individual and pools of ≤50
Type Blocking ELISA coated with highly conserved non-structural protein p80 (NS3)
Article number Samples* Plates Format
SV-104911 184 2 Strips

*Samples: Max. number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls excluded