In conjunction with Svanova, the Animal Production and Health Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA division of the IAEA has produced standard sera of the six serotypes of FMDV from infected cattle (serotype A, O, Asia1, SAT1, SAT2 and SAT3).

IAEA standard FMDV sera

Positive Control Sera for diagnosing Foot-and-Mouth-Disease (FMDV)

Product Information

Species Bovine
Type Standard Positive Control Sera
Article number Type Form Amount
113126 FMDV type A freeze dried 0.5 ml
113128 FMDV type O freeze dried 0.5 ml
113129 FMDV type Asia1 freeze dried 0.5 ml
113130 FMDV type SAT1 freeze dried 0.5 ml
113131 FMDV type SAT2 freeze dried 0.5 ml
113132 FMDV type SAT3 freeze dried 0.5 ml

*no infectious potential, all sera have been irradiated with 25.5 kGy and tested